2012 Las Vegas

Austria's Fritz Sendlhofer was the big winner at the third annual National Beard and Moustache Championships® presented by Panasonic which took place on Sunday, November 11, 2012, in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fritz took the gold medal in the Garibaldi category and also a cash prize of $1000 courtesy of Bluebeards Originals.

The championships brought beardsmen from 6 foreign countries and 43 states and territories together in Sin City. Big Joy served as hostess for the event and welcomed the crowd with her own version of "Viva Las Vegas."

For the first time in history, the Nationals utilized the eighteen-category system based on the system commonly employed at the World Beard and Moustache Championships®. The categories ranged from the delicate Dali moustache to the anything-goes full beard freestyle.

2012 Results

Here are the results from the Third Annual National Beard and Moustache Championships held in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 11, 2012.

Crowd Favorite -- $1000 courtesy of Bluebeards Original
Fritz Sendlhofer, Zell am See, Austria




GOLD MEDAL -- Adam OrcuttMichigan City, Indiana
Silver – Wolfgang Schneider, Oppenweiler, Germany
(Beard and Culture Club Belle Moustache)
Bronze – Adam Scott Paul, Los Angeles, California


GOLD MEDAL –Patrick FetteErlanger, Kentucky
(Derby City Whisker Club)
Silver –Dustin Reese, Fresno, California
(Fresno Beard and Moustache Club)
Bronze – Brian Werle, Napa, California


GOLD MEDAL –Max Pankow, Berlin, Germany
(East Bavarian Beard Club)
Silver – Matt Bilfield, Los Angeles, California
(Los Angeles Beard and Moustache Club)
Bronze – Ian Stettler, Lake Station, Indiana


GOLD MEDAL – Steve McQuaide, Los Angeles, California
(Los Angeles Beard and Moustache Club)
Silver – James McMahon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bronze – Jackie Ellison, Houston, Texas


GOLD MEDAL – Ross Steidel, Lahaina, Hawaii
Silver – Jim Downing, Springfield, Missouri
Bronze – Benjamin Upshur, Olympia, Washington


GOLD MEDAL – Dan Lawlor, Los Angeles, California
(Los Angeles Beard and Moustache Club)
Silver – Devon Holcombe, Jacksonville, Florida
Bronze – Adam Bierton, Rochester, New York
(Gotham City Beard Alliance)


Natural Goatee

GOLD MEDAL – Guy Thompson, Port Angeles, Washington
Silver – Patrick Dawson, Seattle, Washington
(Emerald City Beardos)
Bronze – Brian Damaged, Miami, Florida

Fu Manchu

GOLD MEDAL – Wojo Wrzesniewski , Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Silver – Lutz Giese, Berlin, Germany
(Berlin Beard Club)
Bronze – Sean Raiger, Sacramento, California
(Moustache and Beard Social Club)


GOLD MEDAL – Steve Scarpa, Tehachapi, California
(Competitive Bearding Foundation of Los Angeles)
Silver – Anthony Fontes, San Jose, California
Bronze – Michael Ryan, Tucson, Arizona


GOLD MEDAL – Al Underwood, Los Angeles, California
(Competitive Bearding Foundation of Los Angeles)
Silver – Brian VanBallegooie, Saratoga Springs, Utah
Bronze – David Ryan, Chicago, Illinois


GOLD MEDAL – Toot Joslin, Carnelian Bay, California
(Tahoe City Chapter of Beard Team USA)
Silver – Nate Johnson, North Hollywood, California
(Los Angeles Beard and Moustache Club)
Bronze – MJ Johnson, Columbia Heights, Minnesota
(Minneapolis Beard and Moustache Club)

Amish Beard

GOLD MEDAL – David Perry, Miami, Florida
Silver – Matt MacLean, Costa Mesa, California
Bronze – Eric Jasson, Fountain Valley, California


GOLD MEDAL -- Kevin Riordan, Las Vegas, Nevada
Silver – Aaron Holley, Clovis, California
(Fresno Beard and Moustache Club)
Bronze – Austin Buchanan, Clearwater, Florida
(League of Extraordinarily Bearded Gentlemen)



GOLD MEDAL – Neil Moherman , Jeromesville, Ohio
(Beard Team Ohio)
Silver – Bob Engle, Newberg, Oregon
(Stumptown Stache and Beard Collective)
Bronze – Bryan Nelson, Austin, Texas
(Austin Facial Hair Club)

Natural with styled moustache

GOLD MEDAL – Burke Kenny, Olympia, Washington
Silver – Grizzly Stonewall Jackson, Beulaville, North Carolina
(Holy City Beard and Moustache Society)
Bronze – Rob Hollerman, Boise, Idaho
(Boise Beardsmen)


GOLD MEDAL – Jeffrey Moustache, Los Angeles
(Competitive Bearding Foundation of Los Angeles)
Silver – Tyler Shannon, Seattle, Washington
Bronze – Charlie Roos, Uetliburg, Switzerland
(Team Switzerland)


GOLD MEDAL – Fritz Sendlhofer, Zell Am See, Austria
(East Bavarian Beard Club)
Silver – Robert Teddy Thompson, Las Vegas, Nevada
Bronze – Brandon Dove, Mount Airy, Maryland

Freestyle Full Beard

GOLD MEDAL – Peter Weis, German
(Pforzheim Beard Friends Club)
Silver – Aarne Bielefeldt, Willits, California
(Terminal Length Beard Club)
Bronze – Gerhardt Knapp, Pforzheim, Germany
(Pforzheim Beard Friends Club)


YOUNGEST COMPETITOR – Lucas Cooper, Age 21, Los Angeles, California
POKER TOURNAMENT– Chris Ryan, Vic Martinson (co-winners)
TOP CHAPTER – Los Angeles Beard and Moustache Club