2010 Bend, OR

...the most fun I’ve had in my life.
— Nicole Fisher
Bend loved the event. Beard Team USA was the funnest and most appreciative group we’ve ever hosted in Bend.
— Doug LaPlaca, President, Visit Bend
Jack Passion is a rock star.
— Tim O'Neil

The first ever Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships held in Bend, Oregon on June 5, 2010 were a huge success. Over 200 beardsmen competed in front of countless screaming pogonofans and media in an over-the-top celebration of facial hair. "Organized like a beauty pageant for hairy people with a sense of humor," says Jennifer Longboard.

Bearding pioneer Willi Chevalier of Sigmaringen Germany, took home $1000 for his perfect score in the freestyle division. Other $1000 winners were Larry McClure (moustache), Toot Joslin (partial beard), Aarne Bielefeldt (full beard), and John Szeszen (contestants' raffle).

Two-time, full-beard-natural world champ Jack Passion served as emcee. Judges included Miss Oregon CC Barber, Captain Harry Lewis, former full-beard-styled-moustache world champ Burke Kenny, and Sirwan Singh who has the longest beard in the world according to Guinness.



After the field was narrowed in the preliminary judging, the judges were asked to rank their top three in each division. A first place vote was worth five points, a second place vote three points, and a third place vote one point.
Here are the finalists, their scores, and their places:


Moustache Division

  1. Larry McClure (25 points)

  2. Paul De Leone (16 points)

  3. Keith Haubrich (7 points)

 Joshua Milligan (6 points)

 Giovanni Dominice (5 points)

 Shawn Hasson (3 points)

 Ben Davidson (1 point)

 Ike Ochoa  

 Anthony Cress  

 Chuck Hazelton  

 Andrew Huston  

 James Gallaher  

 Patrick Mulcher  

 Ian Stetler  


Freestyle Division

  1. Willi Chevalier (35 points)

  2. Paul Beissler (10 points)

  3. Charles Earnshaw (9 points)

 John Buckler (7 points)

 John Benedict (2 points)

 Bryce Fuller 

 Marq Virgilio 

 Kevin Prather  

 Chuck Hazelton  

Partial Beard Division

  1. Toot Joslin (23 points)

  2. Eric Brown (11 points)

  3. Matthew Bliss (6 points)

 Gary Johnson (6 points)

 John Szesszen5 points)

 Robert Srahin (4 points)

 Patrick Dawson (4 points)

 Brian McGregor (3 points)

 Matt MacLean (1 point) 

 Nate Morris  

 Kenneth Felber  

 Steve Cline 

Full Beard Division

  1. Aarne Bielefeldt (22 points)

  2. Allen Demling (8 points)

  3. Devin Cara (7 points)

 Ed Shander (6 points)

 Jeff Vidourek (6 points)

 Robert Jensen (5 points)

 Shaun Siebel (5 points)

 Darrell Crawford (1 points)

 Ed Endsley (1 points)

 Myk O’Connor (1 points)

 Chase Silcocks  

 Jordan Dauby  

 Daniel O’Neill  

 Peter Aune  

 Brian Redbeard