How to Compete

If you are entering your first beard championship and are wondering what to do, here are some tips:

  • Long before you enter the contest, experiment with different styles and grooming methods until you find a look that you like.  There is more to grooming a beard than trimming it.  Invest in a good beard brush and brush your beard often.  Train it to take a solid, balanced shape with all hair working in harmony.  Try blow drying your beard, using different products on it, and trimming away stray hairs.  Above all, keep your beard immaculately clean at all times. 
  • Now consider the judging criteria: “The judges are asked to determine which contestant’s facial hair best enhances his overall appearance, style, and personality.”  While this is a facial hair contest, there is no doubt the judges look at the complete package.  Choose a costume carefully, but save the outlandish for Halloween.  Dress sharply in good quality clothing that suits you, your beard, and your overall look.
  • Most important accessory?  A great hat.  You might want to find a hat first and then build your look around it.
  • As you experiment with your beard, pay attention to the reactions you get from others.  When you find the right look, you will know it by the compliments you receive, especially from strangers. 

Have fun with this and by all means be in Nashville on September 3!